Democrats Gain Senate Majority After Georgia Runoff


Ava Kahn

The Midterm elections have finally come to an end after Georgia’s Senate runoff election. Democrat Raphael Warnock beat Republican Herschel Walker by around 100,000 votes. This runoff took place because Warnock didn’t quite reach the 50% needed to win in the midterm election. Now, with Warnock taking the win, the Senate has a 51-49 democratic majority. With Republicans now in the majority in the House of Representatives, our congress is now divided. 

Georgia has historically been a Republican state. President Biden became the first Democratic President to win Georgia in 30 years. The presidential election and this midterm election show that Georgia has become a swing state. Many explain the election results by saying that Herschel Walker was simply a bad candidate. He is a famous retired football player from the National Football League. This election was his very first political campaign. During the election, he was exposed for paying two women to get abortions, yet he said that he was against abortion. He has also been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife. He was backed by Former President Trump, and many of Trump’s candidates lost their elections in the midterm election. All of these factors led to the Democratic win.

Senator Warnock, is a baptist pastor and politician. He first came into politics after advocating for the expansion of Medicaid, a healthcare service. He also chaired the New Georgia Project which was aiming to increase voter registration. He is endorsed by Planned Parenthood for his support of abortion rights and same-sex marriage. Warnock will now serve on the Senate for the next six years.