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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join the club?

Click here to join our Google Classroom! Once you’re in the Google Classroom, check the calendar posted with all the meeting dates.


2. When are the meetings?

Meetings are in the photo lab (Room 521) during lunch on Mondays.


3. How much of a time commitment is the club?

The time commitment for this club is however much you put in! It all depends on how many articles you decide to write or how you want to contribute to the club.  In general, it is a minimum of an hour or two per month if you attend meetings every month.


4. What writing experience do you need?

The Sword & Shield newspaper is home to various topics, skills, and people. No experience is needed!


5. What can I write about?

As long as you are not encouraging dangerous behavior, most topics are alright to write about. One thing to consider while proposing or writing a topic is the student body’s opinion. Some topics are sensitive and students may have strong opinions. The mission of our newspaper is to inform: not to divide students or force opinions. Taking these into consideration, if you make sure to check with us, almost all topics will be approved.


6. I haven’t joined the club: can I still write an article and be published?

Absolutely! Submit your interest to this form and we’ll contact you.

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