Best Costco Muffin Flavors, Ranked


Cheryl Norris

Pumpkin Muffins

Sophia Jiang

Let’s be honest here – jumbo sized muffins are one of the most satisfying foods to bite into, and Costco muffins are no exception. With six, 4-inch diameter muffins in each container, these tantalizing pastries are hard to resist. But there are so many flavors – which one do I choose? Below is my personal ranking, from worst to best.

5. Double chocolate chip

Although this extremely chocolate muffin greatly resembles that of a chocolate cake, it can be quite tasteless and dry at times. They fill you up extremely quickly, which makes it hard to consume all 6 before the muffins go bad. This muffin is also not ideal for breakfast or a snack, as it falls more on the dessert side. However, the double chocolate chip is an excellent choice if you are an avid chocolate lover!

4. Vanilla chocolate chunk

Although these are great for when you are hungry, the chocolate in this one is extremely rich – almost too rich for my taste! In my opinion, the muffin’s flavor is a bit on the bland side. Like the double chocolate chip, this one is more like cake with chocolate chips in it, so reserve it for dessert!

3. Almond poppy

No, you are not the only one who thought this one was going to be lemon-flavored when you first saw it! The almond poppy has a delicious, creamy but light flavor to it, and doesn’t go bad as easily. It is lighter on the stomach than the previous muffin flavors and works as a breakfast or a snack if you so choose.

2. Blueberry

Fluffy in the center and moist throughout, the blueberry muffin is a light and delicious breakfast option! It has the perfect amount of sweetness, isn’t too rich, and blueberries blend well with the sponge part of the muffin!

1. Apple Crumb

Although this one’s seasonal – it’s the most delicious in terms of flavor, with slightly crispy crumb topping, a touch of cinnamon inside, and sparse apple filling! Moist and fluffy on the inside, these are flavorful and satisfying – and a great taste of the fall season!