Ultimate Frisbee Announced as Olympic Sport

Aatman Parikh

(this is SATIRE! For non-satire articles, please look through our archives)

In a shocking turn of events, Ultimate Frisbee has been announced as an Olympic sport for the upcoming 2028 Summer Olympics. Frisbee fans worldwide have been ecstatic at the news, but critics have been skeptical of the new addition. They raise questions on how this niche sport could possibly fit into the Olympics. 

“We’re thrilled to finally see Ultimate Frisbee receive the recognition it deserves”, said Eric Swartz, dictator of the World Frisbee Association. “Frisbee is a game of strategy, endurance, and skill. We are confident that Ultimate will be a hit at the upcoming Summer Games”. 

However, some critics argue that Ultimate Frisbee doesn’t deserve to stand with the other prestigious sports of the Olympic Games. “I mean, yeah, frisbees are fun to toss around in parks in the summer or something, but that doesn’t warrant it to be an Olympic sport”, says popular sports critic Drady Goeppers. “Ultimate doesn’t even come close to sports like Swim and Track in the summer games”.

Others are worried that the addition of the sport sets a dangerous precedent. “What’s next? Bog Snorkeling? Crab Racing? Cheese Rolling? Chess Boxing? Car Curling? Toe Wrestling? Mountain Unicycling?” asks one flabbergasted fan. “I mean, seriously, this is ridiculous”.

Despite all of the opposition, Eric Swartz, along with countless other frisbee enthusiasts, are eagerly waiting for their Olympic debut. “We’ve been waiting for this moment for years”, claims Hubert Jass, popular Ultimate Frisbee commentator. “We can’t wait to show the world what we can do”. 

Only time will tell if Ultimate Frisbee can live up to the high standards of Olympic competition. But one thing is for sure: The world of sports competition, and the 2028 Olympic games just got a whole lot more interesting.