My *Correct* Ranking of SZA’s SOS

Alexandra Saffman

In classic Wisconsin fashion, an ice storm hit the roads the day I was supposed to go to a SZA concert in Chicago. I love my friends, and they all have pretty impeccable driving records–only having owned a license for about a year–but they’re not quite skilled enough to navigate icy highways in the dark for two hours.

Since I missed my concert, I have instead carefully curated, all 23 Spotify-based songs included, my ranking of SOS:

1. Gone Girl is my underrated favorite. Like the cover’s portrayal of a Princess Diana photo and Kill Bill, I love the fun allegorical mention.
2. Forgiveless
3. Low–we can all agree this is a good one.
4. Seek and Destroy
5. Used
6. Smoking on my Ex Pack–another underrated hit.
7. Conceited–I just wish it was longer.
8. Far–are we hearing that intro?
9. Nobody Gets Me
10. Blind
11. Shirt
12. SOS
13. I Hate U
14. Snooze
15. Notice Me
16. Love Language
17. Kill Bill–It’s catchy, but there are better ones.
18. Ghost in the Machine–surprisingly not a fan of the Phoebe part.
19. Open Arms–the Travis Scott x SZA collaboration is always good.
20. Special
21. Too Late
22. F2F
23. Good Days–good, but overplayed.