5 Simple Snacks for Student Athletes to Eat Before, Between, or After a Sports Activity


Sophia Jiang

Do you have a tennis match coming up in an hour? Did you just finish your first track event of the day and now you are getting ready to run that relay? Or perhaps you just finished a particularly difficult workout in the weight room. With the fall sports season right around the corner, it is crucial for student athletes to get the proper fueling they need to boost their energy and ensure their best performance. Getting enough carbs and proteins is the key, and these snacks are perfect for maintaining a student athlete’s energy levels.

Yogurt and granola

Yogurt is great for athletes because it is high in protein, which makes it perfect for an after-activity snack. Yogurt also contains a great deal of calcium, which is great for keeping your bones strong and healthy – crucial for preventing injuries such as stress fractures. Additionally, granola is a great source of carbs that can quickly fuel your muscles and give you the energy you need. Experiment with different flavors of yogurt! Find your favorite granola brand! The combination options are endless for this delicious and effective snack.

Banana and an energy bar

For pre-workout snacks, this choice is my personal go-to! Bananas contain lots of potassium – a mineral that is essential for proper muscle growth and contraction. The type of energy bars are your choice. Popular energy bars include Cliff/Z-Bars, Nature Valley, Kind, Nutri-Grain, Larabar, you name it! Grabbing a banana and an energy bar of your choice requires absolutely no preparation on your behalf and is the perfect on-the-go snack for if you are in a rush!


That’s right – just almonds, nothing fancy! These are rich in magnesium, which is crucial for electrolyte balance, energy production, and muscle function. When you exercise, you lose a lot of magnesium through sweating, meaning that it is essential to replenish your magnesium levels; this makes almonds the perfect post-workout snack. It’s easy – just take a handful of almonds, eat them, and you are all good to go!

Bagel with peanut butter – add your favorite toppings!

Bagels give you the carbs you need before a workout and are great for fueling your energy! Meanwhile, the peanut butter you spread on the bagel is a significant source of protein and keeps you full so that you won’t be hungry while you are exercising. What’s better is that you can add toppings as well! Favorites include nuts, seeds, fruits, and chocolate chips! 

Cheese and crackers

Cheese is high in protein, calcium, and electrolytes! Crackers (personally I prefer saltines) full of carbs, giving enough energy to keep you going! Cheese and crackers are also light on the stomach and won’t make you feel too stuffed before a sports activity What’s better than a delicious, easy-to-make snack full of carbs and protein?