Which is Better: Short or Long Videos?

Which is Better: Short or Long Videos?

Sophia Jiang and Vince Kim

Short Videos are Better

Short videos are extremely relatable to the viewer and can be extremely effective in such a short amount of time. Often they give you a good laugh, and other times they give you good overviews of certain topics. Shorts can also expose you to a plethora of new music; the song you hear from a short could become your new favorite song! The creation of shorts are also a good method of giving underrated music artists the attention they deserve, since the use of relatively unknown songs is common.

Short videos don’t have the irritating, interrupting ads that so many long-video creators implant in the middle of their videos, which makes short videos easier to watch. Furthermore, many long-video creators constantly plug their sponsors and social media, as well as importune their viewers for likes, subscribes, and comments.

Additionally, because short videos are so short, they can give you a quick source of entertainment during study breaks. Finally, and most importantly, too much screen time is bad for your health, but watching short videos in moderation can help give you a satisfying amount of entertainment and information while also keeping you away from phone screens. Watching long videos keeps your eyes glued to the screen for far too long.

By Sophia


Long Videos are Better

Long videos are able to keep us more engaged. The longer time frame allows these videos to craft a detailed, developed story that creates a much stronger connection with us on an emotional and intellectual level and gives us more time to process the new information for better understanding.

Because watching long videos generally requires more concentration, we actually end up watching only a few videos that don’t severely impact screen time count. Watching short videos, however, is much different because we tend to mindlessly scroll through short videos for longer periods of time even when we aren’t very interested. In contrast, long videos encourage more productivity by focusing on each video for a moderate amount of time. 

Finally, long videos do an excellent job at addressing the “why” of any topic that a short video may lack. Take, for example, an underrated young artist. A well-made short video may be great at giving attention to this artist to a variety of people, but long videos are able to do this and proceed to explain why this artist should be recognized, what notable accomplishments have they made, what is their life story, etc. Because of this, long videos can often be more relatable than short videos.

By Vince