When are You Too Old to Trick-or-Treat?


Olivia Zhu

Let’s be real here: once you turn 14, you’re too old to trick-or-treat. There’s no doubt that at some point, trick-or-treating at a certain age gets awkward for you and the people around you. You’re going to find yourself among middle and elementary schoolers and toddlers… and with them, their parents. Not to mention that you may get a few glances from the people who hand you candy–a high schooler who still trick-or-treats, especially on a school night? Though you may not be working a job at 14, you’ll be able to within the next 1 or 2 years; you can easily buy your own candy then. There’s not much of a reason to take candy that is meant for younger kids.

Maturity and age aside, there are just better things to do once you’re 14 for Halloween. Passing out candy or helping out with decorations are great ways to be still involved in Halloween traditions. Hanging out with friends and doing something fun together beats walking around in the cold any day.

Still, we all want to have fun sometimes. So if you’re going trick-or-treating this year, that’s fine. Just definitely stop when you’re 18.