Herschel Walker: Pro-Life or Pro-Convenience?

Alexandra Saffman

In Georgia, a tight race between incumbent Raphael Warnock (D) and former football player Herschel Walker (R), could swing the Senate into Republican hands. Trump-backed Walker has emerged as an appealing choice to Georgian republicans, and according to a Landmark Poll from October 15-17, he is currently tied with Warnock at 46%. Although Walker’s platform is strongly pro-life and calls for a nation-wide abortion ban, it was recently disclosed that he himself quietly paid for an abortion only a couple of years ago.  

Following the overturn of Roe this summer, abortion access remains a key issue in the upcoming midterms; indeed, pro-Life PACs have given tens of thousands of dollars in funding to candidates like Walker, hoping to pass further anti-abortion legislation this coming year. However, on October 3rd, The Daily Beast revealed that Walker had helped an ex-partner receive an abortion in 2009. Although Walker denied the story, the New York Times conducted a follow-up interview with the woman, corroborating it, while she herself revealed receipts from her clinic, as well as checks and “get-well” cards from Walker.  

In terms of Walker’s campaign, the story revealed a discrepancy between promises and ideology and personal actions. Although polls have continued to hold steady, the controversy has the potential to lead voters in a different direction on November 8th.    


2023 Dane County Budget


On October 3rd, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi revealed a record $834 million budget for the upcoming year. Highlights include $12 million in funding for a new election facility located downtown, a $30 increase in taxes for the average home, and a 9% pay increase for county employees. The Dane County Sheriff’s Office once again received the largest proportion of the budget ($101 million), with 1.3 million specifically allocated toward inmate housing. With overall plans to focus money toward housing, mental health services, and environmental conservation, Parisi hopes the budget “continues progressive investments in our quality of life and pairs them with visionary approaches to confronting our challenges.”