Most Efficient Back to School Supplies


Hayat Brahmer, Student Life

Back to school means back to school shopping, and the question of what do you need and where do you get it?  First is the decision of where to buy your supplies. Target has a good back to school section, however, if you procrastinate back to school shopping, it might not be the place for you. Their options are typically slim by the time Memorial High School’s school year begins. A good place to go is Office Depot. They have a large variety of options, with durable products. They have many different colors and they can provide the majority of materials you will need at a good price. For almost every class you will need a pencil and/or pen. Bic .9mm #2 lead mechanical pencils are perfect for taking notes, writing down assignments, and doing every day work. The .9mm lead is thicker than the normal .7 mm lead, however, because of its extra thickness it writes darker and breaks less easily. If you prefer pens, a good brand is Uni-Ball Signo DX pens. They have a fine tip, don’t run out of ink fast, and they dry quickly. These pens are great for math and diagramming. For a thicker point pen, Pilot G2 Gel Ink, pens are a good choice. They write very dark, dry quickly, and don’t bleed through. To get rid of mistakes, Pentel Hi-Polymer White Erasers get rid of pencil marks easily. Office Depot has their own brand of binders and folders that are durable, come in different colors and a variety sizes. When it comes to binders, you want to make sure you have a big enough binder that will last the whole year. For electives it is good to have a two pocket folder with prong which can hold loose paper.