David Rush at it Again With 250th Guinness World Record

Jonathan Buscher

David Rush, one of the most famous Guinness World Record holders on the planet to date has returned to claim his 250th official Guinness World Record, this time, with one he has already held before: furthest distance blowing a pea. 

Considering Rush’s previous record was set over 6 ½ years prior to his latest, it is little surprise that the 24 feet, 7.6-inch blow was bested by other aspiring record holders. The requirement for the record was that only one breath of air is used, raising the question: could the line that the pea started on be crossed after the first breathing out? While initially, Guinness said no, this changed after the attempt of another group broke the record by diving forward across the line using three breaths out, although only one total breath in, fitting the requirement. Following this change, Rush broke the rival record, settling with a distance of 41 feet utilizing the new strategy. 

Again, however, another person broke Rush’s record by a little over ten feet, with a total of 52 feet, 9.96 inches. Not willing to be beaten, and hoping to have this extremely competitive Guinness World Record as his 250th, David Rush set out to try again. In his last attempt, he found success, doubling his previous record and shattering the current one, with a distance of 84 feet and 11.28 inches.

While blowing a pea for a world record might be considered odd, David Rush has certainly had even more interesting, and dangerous, records on his journey to 250. He started his career by breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest duration juggling blindfolded. An expert juggler, Rush has several other titles involving this activity as well, with a record of the fastest 100-meter dash juggling blindfolded while staying in a lane, most apples sliced in a minute juggling 3 knives (Don’t try this at home), along with being the world’s fastest juggler. Other more random records include the fastest time popping 200 balloons with a nail, most kiwis cut with a samurai sword while standing on an exercise ball, and the furthest distance walked with a chainsaw balanced on the chin (also DO NOT attempt this).

As has been his intent from the beginning of his record-breaking journey, Rush hopes to promote STEM education, as can be seen on his website, davidrush4stem.com. Aside from this major achievement of holding a quarter of a thousand records, Rush is also an author, public speaker, and performer, having written Breaking Records: 21 Lessons from 21 World Records. Somewhat of a popular figure, Rush has appeared on America’s Got Talent, the Today Show, and has met with James Corden and other celebrities. 

While certainly an impressive feat to break 250 Guinness World Records, it takes a lot of time, as David Rush worked for over seven years on all of his records, although in the end, it appears to have all been worth it, as it is something Rush loves to do.