Homecoming Spirit Week


Hayat Brahmer, Student Life Editor

Now that we are finally getting settled into the school year, we have something to get excited for. The Homecoming football game is September 30th and the Homecoming dance is October 1st. For our homecoming football game we will be playing West High School at Mansfield Stadium(home). The theme for the football game is Spartan Spirit. 

For the homecoming week themes….

Monday: Monochromatic Monday, Freshmen are red ,Sophomores are blues, Juniors are yellow, and Seniors are wearing pajamas. 

Tuesday: Jersey Tuesday. Come to school and represent your favorite sports teams. 

Wednesday: Construction Wednesday. Wear your hard hats and dress up in neon. 

Thursday: Throwback Thursday. Find your parents old clothes and be taken to a past time.

Friday: Spartan Spirit Friday. Dress up in memorial colors, green, white, and black. If you don’t have these colors, you can also wear anything with the school’s name/logo.