Parking will be tight this year!!

Due to construction, there will be a decrease in the number of parking permits sold to students this year and next year. First priority will be given to Seniors and then to Juniors. The sale of permits will happen as follows:
  • During in person picture days, August 15 (11-6 pm) and August 17 (7:30-1:00 pm), during the week of August 22 (9-2:00 pm), and September 2 through September 7th during lunch, Seniors will be able to purchase a parking permit. They must have a valid Driver’s License and bring information about their vehicle, including a license plate number.
  • Beginning September 2 through September 8, 2022, Juniors with a valid license will have the opportunity to be in a lottery for a parking permit. Details of how to enter the lottery will be emailed to Juniors before September 2nd.
  • Results of the lottery will be announced on September 9th and students who are issued a permit will be able to pick them up on September 9th.
  • If there are permits still available after September 9th, they will be sold to Juniors and Seniors on a first come first serve basis until gone.
  • Sophomores will not be eligible to purchase a parking permit.
The FEE for parking permits is $40. Only one permit will be sold per family. Every student who purchases a parking permit will be required to sign a parking agreement and violation of that agreement could result in being ticketed and/or having parking privileges suspended or revoked.
For drivers who are not able to get a parking permit for the lot, please know that there is quite a bit of legal street parking close to campus on Tree Ln, Gammon Pl, Inner Dr, Grand Canyon Dr, Offshore Dr, Yellowstone Dr, Gettysburg Dr, and other streets close to campus. Students should not park in the Jefferson Middle School parking lot or in parking lots associated with local businesses.