Important ACT Information


Hayat Brahmer, Student Life Editor

All Juniors will be taking the ACT at Vel Philips Memorial High School on March 7th. Teachers will be making and serving breakfast. They will be making pancakes, eggs, and sausage, so come to the cafeteria by 7:45 for breakfast! Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria at 8:15 and taken to their rooms. (Ben Radloff will be sent an email with the room number that you will be testing in). Make sure to bring your student ID or another form of identification. As well as, two number two pencils,  mechanical pencils are not allowed. Also, make sure to bring an approved calculator (list of approved calculators). Phones are not permitted during the test, you can leave your turned-off phone with your proctor or leave it at home/in your car. Do not bring food or drink into your testing room. There will be a 15-minute break after the second test where water and snack will be provided. Students who test in a standard time test room will finish by 1:30. There will be grab-and-go lunches available to students who want them. Students who receive extended time for testing will most likely be done between 3 and 3:30.  You will have the chance to eat a snack and lunch at some point during your day. Buses will arrive at 3:37 to take Juniors home.  If you have left campus, you can come back to catch a bus. All other students that are not Juniors, enjoy your day off!