Important Bridge Week Information


Hayat Brahmer, Student Life Editor

The semester is coming to an end and for many schools that means finals, but not for us! We have bridge week again this year. Take advantage of this time to meet with your teachers and improve your grade. Bridge week takes place on the week of January 16-20. Monday, we do not have school due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Tuesday is a regular school day. If you do not have a lot of classwork or tests this day, take this time to talk to your teacher about coming in for Bridge week. Wednesday and Thursday will be the official ‘Bridge Week’ days. Your teachers will inform you if you need to come in and/or if it will be beneficial for you to come in. Wednesday will be a half day with your first four classes. Thursday will be another half day with your last three classes. Unlike last year these two days are mandatory. If your teachers have told you it is not necessary for you to attend talk to your parent or guardian about signing you out. You will be marked absent if you do not come to class and have not been pre-excused. Friday we do not have school due to a teacher grading day.  Semester grades will be officially put in Saturday, January 21st so make sure you talk to your teachers about your grade before then.