Where to go for lunch


Hayat Brahmer, Student Life Editor

Memorial is very lucky to have many great lunch spots right near us. Even if you have packed your own lunch it is a daily struggle not to go out everyday. However, when you choose to go out many people find themselves being late to the fifth period. The line, how long it takes to get your food, traffic, etc.can cause you to be late. Some days are extra busy and there are factors that will be out of your control, but here are some timings that can potentially help  you have a good meal and make it back to class on time.

Location Time it takes to walk (there and back) Estimate of the time it takes to get food at lunch Total time
Mall food court 24 minutes  6-7 minutes 30-31 minutes
Culver’s 22 minutes 15 minutes 37 minutes
Noodles & Company 20 minutes 12 minutes (can order ahead)  32 minutes
McDonalds 26 minutes 15 minutes 41 minutes
Chick-Fil-A 24 minutes 6 minutes 30 minutes
ModPizza 18 minutes 10 minutes 28 minutes
Panera 20 minutes 15 minutes (can order ahead) 35 minutes
Starbucks 20 minutes 15 minutes ( can order ahead) 35 minutes
Pancheros 20 minutes 4-5 minutes 24-25 minutes
Rosati’s 24 minutes 10-15 minutes 34-39 minutes