Popular Clubs to Join at VPM


Sanjay Palta-Hill

Clubs are a great way to make friends, explore your passions, and do meaningful work to help others. Memorial has dozens and dozens of clubs. If you have a particular interest, there is likely a club for you to explore it. And if not, then you are strongly encouraged to start your own! Still, the sheer number of clubs can be intimidating. This article will give you a brief overview of some of the most popular clubs at Memorial. If any of them strike your interest, then feel free to reach out to the club’s leader(s) or supervisor to find out more or join. 


  • Spartan Youth Service: SYS is Memorial’s largest volunteering club. Come to meetings in the Wisconsin Neighborhood Center on Wednesdays after school to sign up for volunteering events and help plan service projects. This club is perfect for those who wish to accumulate volunteer hours for the National Honor Society (NHS). (Supervisor Email: [email protected])
  • DDAF: This club encompasses Drama, Debate, and Forensics (“DDAF”). Work on stage or off stage to take part in the theater’s productions. If you are interested in becoming a more confident speaker, then try forensics or debate. There’s a lot of variety in this club, and it’s all designed to improve your communication skills. (Supervisor Email: [email protected])
  • MEDLIFE: MEDLIFE is a nonprofit organization that works to expand access to healthcare, education, and resources in developing communities in Latin America and Africa. Join the club to help plan, volunteer, raise awareness, or partake in the club’s Service Learning Trip to Lima, Peru next summer. (Supervisor Email: [email protected])
  • French Club: Interested in joining a club, but don’t have much time? French Club meets about once per month after school. Popular activities include French cooking in the culinary arts room, watching French movies, and listening to French music. (Supervisor Email: [email protected])
  • Sword & Shield: Last but not least, the Sword & Shield is responsible for producing the school’s newspaper (the one you are reading right now). Anyone who wishes to write articles or bring article ideas is welcome to join at any time. (Supervisor Email: [email protected])