Editor’s Note: Welcome from your Editors-in-Chief!


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Sophia Jiang, Anvika Annyapu, and Olivia Zhu

Welcome back, Spartans! It’s a brand new year with a brand new school name, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to Sword & Shield’s brand-new website. 

Our school is changing not only in name, but also physically – construction has become extensive throughout VPM, and it is our job to give you accurate updates on the subject as well as other important events. We are honored to provide the school community with well-written, up-to-date content from all sorts of categories. 

We are beyond happy to use a new website platform to more efficiently distribute information to the student body. On this new website, you will find a plethora of wonderful features never seen before in our school newspaper such as Sports Scores, new category tags, and the “Features” page!

Please also give a warm welcome to our 2022-2023 team of dedicated editors! These are the students who are working hard behind the scenes to post all of the contributors’ articles to the website and help facilitate smooth publishing processes.

If you would like to join Sword & Shield as a contributor, please join our Google Classroom (code: awjii5f) to tune into meeting announcements and instructions! We meet every Monday at the start of lunch in the photo lab!

We wish you all a great start to the school year!


Your EICs