Ways to Make Valentine’s Day a Little Less Miserable


Hayat Brahmer, Student Life Editor

February can be an annoying month for many. It is another very cold dry month filled with homework and not many breaks. For many, February is also hated because Valentine’s day takes place during this month. Valentine’s day either reminds us that we don’t have someone to spend it with…or it reminds us that we need to purchase a gift for someone. Either way, you shouldn’t let Valentine’s day ruin a short month like February. Here are some ideas on how to make it better!

If you aren’t celebrating with someone(it’s okay, most of us aren’t…), here are some things you can do to have a special day:

-You can celebrate valentine’s day with friends (Galentines Day)

-You can preorder and ‘surprise’ yourself with flowers and/or chocolate



-Have a self-care night


-You can also choose to spend valentines day spreading love to others. Here are volunteering opportunities!


If you are celebrating valentines day with someone, here are some activities and gift ideas:

-Surprise them with chocolate or their favorite candy/snack

-Get them flowers! (If you know their favorite flower try to find those!)

-Have a nice dinner, you can go out or order in. *Chick-fil-A has heart-shaped nuggets that are tasty and festive!

-If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, homemade gifts can be just as nice! Here are some DIY ideas for Valentine’s gifts.