New Year New Me

Hayat Brahmer, Student Life Editor

“New Year New Me.” This is something we hear every January first. However, many people say this without having a plan of action to achieve these goals/’resolutions’ for their ‘new me’. Typically, we can think of many things we would like to start doing or change, but, making these goals achievable is a lot harder. When making goals or ‘new years resolutions’ this year, it is important to think about the little steps/goals you will need to achieve along the way. Here are some ideas of how you can reach your potential bigger goals. 

Want to be healthier?

Try adding fruits or vegetables to 1-2 of your meals a day. Then, try cutting out some of the more sugary/unhealthy foods in 1-2 of your meals a day. 

Want to be more active?

Ask any friends or family if they would be interested in being more active and/or going to the gym with you. Once you start going with your friends or family, you may start enjoying this and then can start going on your own too.

Want to be more positive?

Try surrounding yourself with things and people you love. Try doing activities that you enjoy. When you have a bad day/experience, try journaling this and reflecting on how you could make it better. When you have a good day/experience, journal this and when you have a bad day, reflect on the better times.

You can also try meditating. This can help you reflect and clear your mind. This will calm you and help you focus more on the positive things in life. It will also relieve stress!

Want to be a better student?

Try meeting with your teachers more. Try to have any homework for that week completed by Friday, so you don’t get too behind. Try putting distractions away for 20-30 minutes at a time. During this time try to just focus on your work.

Some people find it helpful to try 30-40 minutes without any distractions than take a 10-minute break. This may help you stay more focused for periods of time and it may help you stress less.