November Editor’s Note: Welcome to Decorative Gourd Season

Elliott Weix and Mihika Shivakumar

Hello everyone!

We’re Elliott and Mihika, your Opinions Editors for the Sword & Shield! It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all settled in now to the rhythm of the school year—or at least, we hope that’s the case. Construction is going smoothly, midterm elections are over, and daylight savings means that it gets dark so early now. We’re still not used to seeing the sun set at 4:30!

Even though we’re mourning the waning daylight, the Sword & Shield is still churning out stories—check in every couple of weeks for more updates, and be sure to tell your friends! This November, we’re delivering a whole suite of interesting articles, from opinions on Taylor Swift’s new Midnight album to an interview with a rising teen business-owner! Have a great November, Spartans—only a couple days to go until that sweet sweet fall break!

Best wishes,

Your Opinions Editors

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