Ed Sheeran’s Leprechaun Status

Monika Jeraj

Ed Sheeran thinks that the club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so it seems fitting that the bar is where he went this past Friday. Now, Ed being spotted at a bar may not seem like a big deal but to put it into context, this past Friday was St. Patrick’s day – and this is Ed’s first public appearance since the shocking leak of his DNA test showing immediate leprechaun heritage.

Was Ed’s bar sighting a mere coincidence – did he really just need a pint of Guinness on that particular fine Friday – or was it a well-planned appearance orchestrated by his media team to help gain publicity for his upcoming worldwide Shamrock Tour? We may never know the answer to that question, but there is one thing we know for sure: Ed is going back to his roots with this one. 

On Monday, March 13th, social media user @leprechaunhunter tweeted a series of images showing a disgruntled Sheeran staring down the results of his recent 23andMe DNA test. The Twitter user posted Sheeran’s reaction, as well as close-ups of the document containing the crucial information. The close-ups showed it all – Sheeran’s roots, which also traced back to Italy and Austria, were overwhelmed by the single statistic of 83% leprechaun. The tweets completely blew up and within the first 30 minutes, the posts gained over 1.4 million likes and 500,000 retweets. Twitter users could not believe their eyes – was the redhead they revered really a part of the elite small green man community? Comment sections were flooded with disbelief, accusations of false claims, and even support for Ed.

Of course, speculation regarding Ed Sheeran’s leprechaunism has been spiraling around the music community ever since his come up. How else could he have achieved such a high status, if it wasn’t for some St. Patty’s Day magic? But Ed always denied these rumors and, although acknowledging his Irishness, strictly avoided any questions regarding the topic. Now that the truth has been revealed, Ed is yet to make his next move. It is unclear if he was aware of the heritage before taking the DNA test, or if he is just as surprised as we are. Regardless, we stand with Ed as every day, he discovers something brand new about his heritage.