Top 5 Best School Lunches Offered At Memorial HS


Hayat Brahmer, Student Life Editor

Even though many people and movies depict school lunches as being gross or unhealthy, Memorial offers a versatile and delicious lunch menu. They include healthy and colorful options. Listed below are some of the school’s best lunches that are served. Make sure to get school lunch on the days they serve these meals!

  1. Corn Dog and Fries: Whether it is the corn dog’s color or the fries’ sogginess, this lunch will leave you with a great full sensation in your stomach and a delicious flavor in your mouth!
  2. Pizza and Tater tots: The pizza is filled with a flavorful sauce, that overpowers the flavors of the cheese and the crust. The crust’s stale and crunchiness goes great with the large amount of sauce on the pizza. The tater tots are flavorful and not too greasy!
  3. Nachos: Our school’s nacho bar offers a vast selection of toppings!
  4. Milk, Chocolate milk, or juice: Chocolate milk is the best option because it gives you the great nutrients of milk, and because of its chocolatey taste, it can act as a dessert!
  5. What is the best fruit option: Apples and Oranges are served with school lunch. Make sure to grab a piece of fruit to make the school lunch extra healthy! The apple is the best choice to go with because it is filled with flavor!