Leisure Reading: Fantasy or Nonfiction?


Sophia Jiang and Anvika Annyapu


Sometimes, the world can get a little too much to handle. That’s when reading fantasy can serve as a good distraction. Not only a distraction, reading fantasy can stimulate your imagination and creativity, helping you feel refreshed and prepared to face whatever task that is ahead.

While fantasy consists of stories that are only based in reality, they can help people with everyday things. In your everyday routine, staring at the same problem may not yield a solution, but reading a fantasy novel about a faraway land can help you approach the problem differently. In addition, if you’re facing a creative block, getting a third-person perspective can act as a source of inspiration.

Some people may argue that nonfiction has real-world benefits, but in a world where problems can make you feel powerless, it is a nice relief to have a break from everything going on. Whenever you’re overwhelmed, you can take a break in a healthy way which still improves your mental health and keeps you engaged. After all, sometimes you need some time to yourself, and what healthier, comfier way than to read a fantasy book?

By Anvika



When you read nonfiction, you are able to learn about the realities of the world, which is important for making strong connections between what you read and the environment around you. You can also improve your information gathering skills and build your vocabulary by reading nonfiction, since it is heavily based on fact. 

Reading nonfiction doesn’t have to be dry and dull. If you are passionate about a topic or want to make a positive change in your community, nonfiction is a must-read for gathering background information on a particular subject. For example, if you are passionate about mitigating climate change, reading nonfiction such as national geographic magazines or a book on the history of humans’ encroachment on nature is crucial for building contextual information to help you with your own activism. 

We all have busy lives, and not much time to leisurely read, so read up on the limitless number of aspects of this enormous and extremely diverse universe while you can! The more you know, the better!

By Sophia