Update on Threats Toward Memorial During Last School Year


Anvika Annyapu

The Madison Police Department has arrested a high school student in connection to the bomb threats at the end of the school year last year. Although these threats were all unsubstantiated, for two consecutive days, school was disrupted for an extended period of time. 

On February 28th, students were told to evacuate due to a reported bomb threat. Memorial students were evacuated to West Towne Mall, while Jefferson students were evacuated to John Muir Elementary School. The threat was cleared and the next day, students returned to school. However, there were two additional holds placed. 

Due to the increase in threats that week, police presence outside the school increased as well. District spokesperson Tim LeMonds released a statement that included, “With the City of Madison Police Department (MPD) present and speaking to the caller, they were able to determine the information the caller was providing to not be credible and posed no threat to our school.” 

After several months of investigation, the MPD arrested the student responsible for the calls and threats. A student who attended Memorial, they are now facing 9 felony charges, including multiple charges of bomb scares and making terrorist threats. A preliminary hearing is to be held on August 25th. 


Principal Matt Hendrickson has released an official statement to families thanking the department for their work in finding the suspect and thanking families for their support. The department is continuing its investigation with agencies aside from the MPD involved. 


For more information, online court records for this case can be found here.