72 Dead After Plane Crashes in Nepal


Sanjay Palta-Hill

On January 15, a plane flying from Kathmandu to Pokhara in Nepal crashed, killing all 72 people on board. The pilots were attempting to land the plane at Pokhara International Airport, which opened its doors after completing renovations on January 1. Passengers on board, as well as locals watching from the ground, recorded videos showing the plane veering sharply to the left until it finally crashed into the ground. The Yeti Airlines crash is the deadliest plane crash in Nepal in 30 years.


Nepal has a history of aviation accidents. Flying planes through the Himalayan Mountains is complicated by volatile weather patterns. Moreover, many of the airports have dangerously short runways due to the mountainous terrain. The government of Nepal has a history of underfunding the aviation industry, which has led to low safety standards and outdated infrastructure. 


The investigation of the crash hasn’t concluded, but many experts believe that the pilots accidentally stalled the plane. By pointing the nose of the plane too far upward upon landing, the pilots lost control as the plane fell down to the ground. The pilots steered the plane to the left to avoid landing on homes, landing instead on the bank of the Seti River. Authorities have recovered 71 of the 72 bodies.