Rating My Classes


Elliott Weix

Alrighty, it’s that time of year—I get to rate my classes, and you all have to listen to me! I’m giving everything a totally arbitrary rating on a scale that I decide ad-hoc.

AP Chemistry is like a marathon. If you go in thinking that it will be horrible, then you’re going to have a bad time. But if you dedicate yourself to studying and work hard, it can be fun. And by “fun,” I must specify that it is the third type of fun: the one where you don’t always feel great doing it, but you can bond with your classmates over your shared suffering. 8/10, since the school took away our chemicals so we can’t do most of the labs.

AP Calculus BC is exactly what you’d expect—it’s calculus, part two: electric boogaloo. If you like math, you’re in luck because this course has more math. I really love the community in this class; there are a lot of people who are very interested in math, and I’ve spent a lot of time learning from them outside of the lessons. 9/10; it feels like this lesson on Taylor series never ends.

Being a TA for Spanish 3 can be pretty draining at times, but mostly I get to sit in the back of the room and read Spanish poetry. Helping out with the activities is always fun, since I get to review things that I’m just starting to forget. Overall a 6/10, since there are some very loud people and I have sensitive hearing.

AP English Literature is a class about reading. And I’m honestly very glad that I took it, since we’re working on really interesting books. It goes without saying that this is not an easy class, but the skills you learn here are very rewarding. 8/10 for the hours of sleep I lost filling in reading takeaway charts.

AP Microeconomics does not teach you how to do your taxes. I’m kind of worried now, since I took this for my financial literacy credit. 7/10, since the class is very fun otherwise and I’m learning a lot about how to manipulate the stock market.

AP US Government is a roller coaster. I never know what to expect heading into this class: some days, it’s a perfectly normal lecture; other days, we’re running our own political campaigns. Sometimes you even have a newspaper reporter in the room carefully documenting your discussions. 8/10 for all the rumors about Mr. Farner, who I can assure you is not at all suspicious.

Working in the Tutoring Center is also pretty awesome, since the people there are amazing and I get to help out other students. If nobody comes in, I have time to work on my own things or make more decorations for the room. Plus, I’m also able to sign out during this hour for my internship, which is slowly taking over my life. 10/10 would highly recommend to anyone who happens to be interested in tutoring, math, or volunteering.

Although I wasn’t able to fit in everything that I wanted this year, I’m pretty happy with this schedule. Overall, I give this a rating of seven hours of sleep out of the recommended eight, since I have to run all the way across the school in between each of my morning classes.