Join COSHA (Coalition of Student Health Advocates) in its next advocacy project: Nutritional Photovoice!

COSHA is working with a UW research team to explore various aspects in VPM’s school food environment.


Sophia Jiang

What is photovoice?

Photovoice is a visual methodology that promotes reflection, critical dialogue, decision making, and can provide snapshots of the perspective of diverse groups of students. Our project will be carried out by taking photos of objects and lunch spaces related to school food environments, using either a mobile phone or a professional camera.

Why is this project important?

Photographs have the potential to take on broader political, social and emotional meaning and taking photos is a good method for utilizing creativity and inspiration! This photovoice project can empower the youth to speak up about their nutritional preferences and can convince stakeholders and policy writers to make decisions that will improve our school community. 

What will we explore?

We will explore food availability, quality, social influence, as well as youth voice and broader implications of the findings. 

Post-project plans:

Participants will give presentations in front of PTO and School Board members, and if the finds of the project are compelling, participants and the UW research team will write up an academic article.

Want to join? 

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