Candy Corn Is Overhated


Mihika Shivakumar

In the midst of October, candies are all given particular importance. Everybody shares their favorites and least favorites, starting fights all around. A typical take is hatred of candy corn, which is unprompted and cruel to candy corn everywhere.

Candy corn is nothing other than sunset-colored sugar, hardened together into a small pyramid. Basically pure sugar, there’s no argument that people can make about the taste, especially during a season of collecting sweet treats. A bright yellow and orange, there are no complaints that people can make about the colors.

“From a sensory perspective, the hatred of candy corn can be explained because, unlike many candies, its flavor profile doesn’t incorporate contrast,” Adams told USA TODAY. “It’s just intensely sweet-tasting, which can produce palate fatigue, like eating spoonfuls of honey or sugar.” However, that’s insane. Sugar and honey are both well-loved foods, but once in candy corn form, they’re unaccepted by the candy-loving community.

Together, we should try to create a less hateful environment by working against the stigmas we feel about certain corn-shaped candies, and instead, be open to experiencing new things and creating our own opinions without the preconceived notions we’ve been told to feel.