Colleen Hoover Review


Ava Kahn

Colleen Hoover is an author of young adult fiction and romance novels who has recently become extremely popular on social media, specifically TikTok. On TikTok there is a community of readers who give book reviews and recommendations, known as, “BookTok.” On BookTok, Colleen Hoover went viral leading her to receive the title of New York Times bestselling author. 

I have read two of Colleen Hoover’s books; It Ends With Us and Ugly Love. After reading these books, I personally believe that she is worth the hype. Both of these books are romance novels that show ugly parts of society like mental health issues, and domestic violence. Hoover does an amazing job of bringing these issues to light and showing ways to overcome them. What makes Hoover’s books so great is that she can take an everyday story and make it something extraordinary. The way she constructs her writing makes you feel like you know the characters in real life. Another interesting feature of the books is that they do not have a definitive ending, unlike most romance novels. The ending leaves readers wondering about what will happen next. I highly recommend that you read one of Colleen Hoovers books if you are looking for a heavy modern romance novel.