Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s 2022 Wisconsin Triennial failed to meet its mission

Alexandra Saffman

The 2022 Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMOCA) Triennial, Ain’t I A Woman, featured the works of Black women and gender non-conforming artists, and was intended to give space to historically underrepresented artists–according to a study from William’s College in 2019, only 1.2% of all works in major American museums are made by Black artists. However, in June of 2024, artist Lilada Gee’s artwork was damaged and taken home by a family due to a lack of museum security, to which MMOCA director Christina Brungardt suggested that the family be allowed to keep the vandalized art. Half of the artists in the exhibit have since pulled out their works, and calls have been made for Brungardt’s resignation. The museum has since apologized but has issued little in substantial measures to repair the damage, promising in August to install a “visual anthropologist” to investigate the incident that has yet to be named. The exhibit will close in early October.